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    Research Scientist

Niranjan Suri is a Research Scientist at the Institute of Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). Mr. Suri received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University in West Florida in 1994 and his Master of Science, Computer Science, also from the University of West Florida, in 1995. His research interests include autonomous intelligent agents, virtual machines, distributed computing, network security, distributed, persistent objects, and Internet-based collaboration tools.

Mr. Suri has been actively interested in agent-based systems for many years. Among other agent-based projects, he is currently working as part of the DARPA Control of Agent Based Systems (CoABS) program. His recent research has led to the development of the NOMADS mobile agent system for Java-based agents with secure execution and anytime and forced mobility. As part of NOMADS, he has developed and implemented the Aroma Virtual Machine - a Java-compatible Virtual Machine with key extensions to support mobile state and resource control.

Mr. Suri works on several other projects at IHMC including CMap Tools, Tactile Interfaces, and Oz

In addition to his work with IHMC, Mr. Suri teaches several classes in the Computer Science department at UWF.