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  PROJECTS in Software Agents
  Software Agents and Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Research for Complex System Safety, Health, and Process Monitoring
  Policies for Effective Human-Machine Collaboration
  KAoS Policy and Domain Services
  NOMADS: A Java Based Mobile Agent System
  MAST: A Mobile Agent-based Security Tool for Administration and Training
  Multi-sensory Adaptive Interfaces for Improved Decision Making in Dynamic Environments
  Software Agents for Military Coalition Operations


  Research :: Software Agents

Systems which can act autonomously on behalf of a human user and interact transparently with humans or other systems could simplify the performance of complex tasks.

Researchers at IHMC are designing platforms and services for the interaction of software agents which allow for the specification, management, conflict resolution, and enforcement of policies and are also robust and secure. In addition, they are investigating approaches to the development of cognitive prostheses, where human-agent teaming could be so natural and transparent that the robotic and software agents appear as direct extensions of human cognitive, kinetic, and sensory capabilities.

KAoS and Nomads are two widely-known IHMC efforts to support these objectives. While initially oriented to the dynamic and complex requirements of software agent applications, KAoS and Nomads are now being extended to work equally well with both agent and non-agent clients on a variety of more general distributed computing platforms such as CORBA, Web Services, and Grid Computing.

The interaction of software agents using secure, robust, and agile platforms will allow the coordination of multiple systems to attain a goal, such as in complex military organizational structures. Agents can also act extend the power of human users and teams, customizing information retrieval and dynamically tasking sensors or analytical systems.