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  Projects in Knowledge Modeling and Sharing
  CmapTools: A Knowledge Modeling Kit
  System to Organize Representations in Meteorology--STORM-LK
  Representation of Conceptual Knowledge In Terrain Analysis--ROCK-TA
  Storm in Weather & Forecasting


  Research :: Knowledge Modeling and Sharing

The representation of a person's understanding of a domain of knowledge in a form that others can easily comprehend is fundamental for learning, knowledge preservation, and organization of information.

Researchers at IHMC are developing software tools based on concept maps as a means for knowledge representation. Using these tools, users can easily construct, share and criticize knowledge models. In addition, this network-oriented software allows the collaboration to be synchronous or asynchronous.

These tools will enable collaboration during knowledge construction and preservation using a client-server architecture, creating pageless, concept map-based browsable knowledge models. The tools developed so far are used in a worldwide network of servers shared by users in over 150 countries. Users have ranged from elementary school children to NASA scientists and other professionals, improving the dissemination of their knowledge.

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