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  PROJECTS in Human-Centered Visualization for Complex Multivariant Systems
  Multi-sensory Adaptive Interfaces for Improved Decision Making in Dynamic Environments
  Helmet Mounted Human-Centered Computing Display Environment: OZ-HMD
  OZ: A Human-Centered Cockpit Display for UCAV


  Research :: Human-Centered Visualization for Complex Multivariant Systems

Many human-computer interfaces are limited to non-intuitive displays, either for historical reasons or due to the complexity of the information presented. These displays force the human to adapt, slowing the interaction. A human-centered approach to visualization amplifies and extends human perceptual, cognitive, and performance capabilities, casting information into a form that utilizes our perceptual system's information processing capabilities.

Our research efforts have focused on how to cast the data and control algorithms into a form that exploits the capabilities of human sensory systems as well as their shortfalls. Computer science provides the medium in which these ideas are transformed into reality and tested.

Human-centered displays will enhance performance in real time complex tasks that involve many data streams and complex data interaction rules.