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  PROJECTS in Computer-Mediated Learning
  MAST: A Mobile Agent-based Security Tool for Administration and Training
  CmapTools: A Knowledge Modeling Kit
  System to Organize Representations in Meteorology--STORM-LK


  Research :: Computer-Mediated Learning

The construction and reconstruction of meaning by learners requires that they actively seek to integrate new knowledge with their existing cognitive structure.

Our research program has focused on leveraging the convergence of technologies that underlie current approaches to computer-based learning, distance learning, performance support systems, WWW browsers, collaboration tools, and just-in-time training to develop software tools and methodologies that support and foster meaningful learning.

Using concept mapping and PBL (problem-based learning) as the underlying methodologies, these new technologies will enhance learning by novices and experienced workers. Applications cover a broad spectrum, from pre-school to universities, Navy just-in-time performance support and training for sailors on a ship to knowledge dissemination from retiring experts.