The Value in Questioning What You Think You Know


Dr. Eugene Spafford

Creativity is sometimes inspired by coming up with new situations and new ideas. However, creativity can also result in looking at familiar items and questioning their underlying, basic assumptions. As a matter of research, careful re-examination can lead to new invention. In security, questioning basic assumptions often leads to discovery of new vulnerabilities.
In this talk I will survey some historical elements that have led to current system design. Then I will present a few examples of how re-examining that computing and security technology might generate some new approaches. Suitably inspired members of the audience will be encouraged to go forth and question everything they think they know.

Gene Spafford has been on the faculty at Purdue University since 1987. He is currently a professor of computer science and executive director of CERIAS. Gene is widely known for work in information security and privacy, software engineering, and computing policy. He is one of the most senior and recognized leaders in the field of computing. Dr. Spafford has a long record of accomplishment as a senior advisor and consultant on issues of security, cybercrime and policy to a number of major companies, law enforcement organizations, and government agencies including Microsoft, Intel, Unisys, the US Air Force, the National Security Agency, the FBI, the Department of Energy and two Presidents of the United States.