Rhythm of Structure: Beyond the Mathematics


Dr. John Sims

MathArt Projects (MAP) presents the foundational relationship between Mathematics and Art in the context of philosophy, studio praxis, curatorial engagement, and innovative mathematics education. The work, Mathematical Art Philosophy 101, based on a Tree-Root metaphor sets the stage by examining the conceptual combinatorial exchange between mathematics, art and nature. The work here includes work in the areas of visual number theory, sonic mathematics, Pythagorean mathematics and knot theory. The current project is called 13 Quilts, which is collection of mathematical quilts based on the visualization of the number Pi. These quilts (6 of the 13 are completed) are being done in collaboration with the Amish Quilting community of Sarasota.

TimeSculpture is a collection of twenty-three objects: vases, chess sets, clocks and chairs that tell stories about space, conflict, time and relationships. These objects are codes that employ concepts of order, symmetry, connectivity and cycles to investigate a range of ideas from spatial order to human development. Twelve of the objects form the basis of TimeSculptureNYC, which will be placed in a circular path in publicly accessible venues in New York City. Each object will be webcammed into a motion graph poetry piece that will be broadcast over the internet. The complete installation of twenty-three objects will be extended across the United States, where they will be linked by a specially tailored communication system. TimeSculpture in situ becomes a collection of transformations that allows one to travel across abstract spaces, time zones, cultural stratifications and diverse geographies witnessing the richness of variations and the density of connections that characterize the evolving power and presence of globalization and the seductive search for the universal.

Dr. John Sims - a native of Detroit, he is a multi-media interdisciplinary conceptual artist interested in the intersecting worlds of mathematics, art and political activism. He has lectured/exhibited nationally and internationally in Hungary,Spain, Israel and Argentina. He has worked with an array of artists, including DJ Spooky, Sol LeWitt, and Karen Finley. His work is a corpus of art projects that generates from a matrix of essential spaces: The Mathematical, The Political, and The Public. His research mission is to develop a collection of projects that will lead to a Visual Philosophy of transformative activism.