Data Visualization, Form and Function to fit users needs


James Agutter


This lecture will focus on the fit between form and function of data visualization solutions using concrete examples. Visualization solutions should support the user at extracting information that is inaccessible via other means. In addition, visualizations should be engaging and visually appealing. More often than not, the fit between form and function is skewed to one side or the other, creating an imbalance. CROMDI attempts to create a balance between these two forces through the use of a user centered, full cycle, development methodology. This methodology will be discussed and several case studies presented which span the entire development cycle.

Director of the Center for the Representation Of Multi-Dimensional Information (CROMDI), Research Assistant Professor of Architecture, Research Scientist at the Center for High Performance Computing and CEO of Applied Medical Visualizations. He is a Co-founder of CROMDI and has worked on a broad range of information design challenges for 10 years. His research work has focused on the application of 2D and 3D design concepts to large scale, real-time data environments. Mr. Agutter has received national and international recognition as an expert on representations, methodologies and technologies involving digital representation systems. He has published extensively in the area of information visualization He received the 1999 National ARCC Award in Architecture Research and 2004 2005 Creative Achievement Award by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) for his work in data visualization.