Research Profile of the College of Engineering at the University of North Texas

Dr. Bill Buckles

The College of Engineering at the University of North Texas was established five years ago and includes previously existing programs in Material Science, Engineering Technology, and Computer Science. There are now five departments and approximately 50 faculty members. Competitive research support has been doubling each two years and totals about $3.5M in total annual awards. The supported research includes computer games, medical (particularly wireless capsule endoscopy, colonoscopy, and epidemiology), sensors and image understanding (particularly environmental monitoring and disaster damage assessment), computer security, wireless protocols, and material testing.
A particular strong component is research in nano-materials spread across three departments. The effort includes instrumentation rivaled only by Oak Ridge National Lab and Northwestern University. Broadly spread across the topics of atom-by-atom characterization, measuring properties with high sensitivity, and manufacturing, specific projects are biodegradable composites, evaporative membranes, and nano-wires for electronics and photocells.

Bill P. Buckles is the Associate Dean for Research of the College of Engineering at the University of North Texas. Previously he held the Yahoo! Founders Chair at Tulane University and was on the faculty of the University of Texas at Arlington. Presently, he is engaged in modeling and analysis of flood and disaster phenomena using on LiDAR and other sensory data. His research is currently supported by DoD and NSF. He has published more than 150 technical papers on the topics including databases, genetic algorithms, and image processing.